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Originally Posted by Carole's Daycare View Post
I allowed myself to get convinced to work a half day this year on Christmas Eve- I had two moms who said they had to work etc, and tried to be nice. I needed to close at noon because we had put my great grandpa (86) in the assisted living home after falling in the snow and having a close call with hypothermia days earlier, and I promised I'd cook him a turkey dinner and bring it, and my mother in laws ceiling had collapsed in her kitchen while she was at the VA hospital w/ her husband due to a leaky water heater upstairs. Needless to say, I had my hands full taking care of everyone's issues and needed to be done on time. Noon rolled around & 1 family of two still wasnt picked up- the food was ready to go to grandpas and nobody would answer the phone. Two hours later with Grandpas dinner ruined a very happy dad showed up after a great day of ice fishing. Mom had to work, dad just didnt even want to spend a holiday with his kids so multiplied my stress instead. I'll never have the same trust or respect for those parents- because she lied & misled to give him the day off, and he is one who consistently complains about me getting paid holidays, although he gets holidays, sick days etc.


Wow!!!!!! Unbelieveable! I hope you charged them one heck of a late fee & explained how his lateness affected your family!!!! I would have been so hot under the collar. More than likely I would have been so mad that after I collected their hefty late fee I would have terminated services. How did you handle it? I say I would do the above but I am not sure if I truly would.
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