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I let the Dad know he was supposed to be there by noon, & I thought he was working- he totally blew me off. I confronted Mom the following Monday at drop off and demanded the late fee up front, which she paid, but it was still only $25, which didn't make up for the inconvenience. I told her so and that I was very dissappointed in her for lying/misleading that her hubby was at work. She basically pulled the old he's an ******* and resents paying you for Holidays anyway and she was bullied into it excuse. I said this is your one pass, the next time you'll be terminated. If he wants to go fishing on my Holiday he can get grandma to watch or something. She said she felt bad that I was hurt by it she thought he'd pick up on time or send Grandma to do it. I've always really liked her & she pays on time w/ no trouble, usually picks up on time- works for the Postal Service, which is why I agreed to work Christmas Eve to begin with. Now that I'm very clear on how her spouse feels about me and behaves I made it clear there will be -0- excuses or problems in the future because that was beyond inconsiderate. We'll see.
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