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Originally Posted by CharlesReese View Post

Just saying, “you get paid holidays why shouldn’t we” is not an valid argument.
Hmm but in this argument we could also say that why should your work pay you on a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas if you don't work? Isn't that the same thing? Lot's of businesses are closed on these days and if what you are saying is true then why should anyone anywhere get paid for holidays if they are not working. Unethical? I think not. Everyone gets vacation time and paid sick time no matter where you work. Some places it's based on how much time you put in and in others it's a set amount of time (i.e. two-weeks). Providing child care is also a job. Unfortunately child care providers are looked at as babysitters too often than not and we are more than just that. This is our career. We work long hours without state mandated rest periods and meal breaks and we do it because we love it.

Not all providers charge the same, expect the same things, do the same things or provide the same kind of care. We charge what we think we are worth and it is up to the parent to decide whether they think it's worth that much and pay it. Some providers offer vacation time, some don't. Some offer maternity leave, some don't. All in all what I am saying is that it is up to us to ask for what we want and up to the parent's to decide if our daycare fits their needs or not. If a parent doesn't like how a daycare works there are others that may suit their needs. We have a right to say "this is what I expect" and parents have a right to say "I don't agree".

I myself, allow myself 2 weeks of vacation and don't expect pay. I also allow for each family to take 2 weeks off without pay. I do however, charge a flat weekly rate and a daily drop-in rate. My weekly rate is lower than my drop-in rate when you break it down hourly. I also offer a discount of paid monthly in advance. If a child doesn't come, they still pay for the week. Before I had my own daycare I paid someone to watch my child and it worked the same. It is normal for child providers to conduct business this way because no matter how you dice it, it is a business and no one runs a business if they're not going to make money off of it. We have higher food bills, utility bills, our homes suffer from higher wear and tear and we have to consider that in our fees.
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