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The daycare provider I use charges a full-time monthly rate. Although I only take my daughter to the provider 3 days/week, I still pay the full-time amount. In addition, I pay on holidays. All of these were in the agreement we signed. I would be curious though, since I ended up in an argument last week with her, others' opinions on the issue of charging me when she takes time off for illness. There have been 3 weeks in the past 6 months that she was out and she continues to charge me (with no backup provider). She states in her pamphlet that she takes 1 week unpaid off each year, however when I asked her about pro-rating the month where she took 1.5 weeks off she became very defensive. She guilt-tripped me, after telling me rudely to keep $50, by then saying "I hope I can pay my bills this month". Needless to say, I left all of the money for her and left crying because I was so frustrated!
Once again did you or did you not agree to the terms of the agreement? And knowing that she didn't have a back up, why would you not have your own? If you don't agree to the terms of the agreement, put in notice and leave. I charge a flat rate and whether your child is here or not (by me myself having to take vacation, a holiday or I'm sick) I still expect to be paid! Personally if my provider said she was taking a month off paid to have say surgery, etc. I would put in my notice and find someone else! Its as simple as that!
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