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Originally Posted by DWTC View Post
LOL!! This is funny...let's really figure this out if you want to consider minimum wage.
Let's say you are only open 40 hours per week at $7 an hour equaling $280.00 per week. And let's say you have 5 children in your really that would only be $56 per child...per week. That would be really affordable!!!
Not everyone cares for that many children or all on a full-time basis. Let's see, this fall I will make a whopping $250/week for a total of 45 hrs of care. That is not per child. I will have two full-time kids & one SA B & A school. I only wish I made $7/hr. . . . than I could bring in over $300. As it is I make about $5.50/hr total give or take a few pennies. Not bad money, I guess considering I get to be home w/my toddler & it's not like I am complaining. I LOVE what I do, I have a four year degree so I could probably easily get a good job & maybe will do that when my youngest reaches school-age. But to me it's more important to be home with my kids. Some providers certainly do make good $$$ doing care but that should not be a determining factor in whether they get a paid holiday or not.

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