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Originally Posted by janarae View Post
Not everyone cares for that many children or all on a full-time basis. Let's see, this fall I will make a whopping $250/week for a total of 45 hrs of care. That is not per child. I will have two full-time kids & one SA B & A school. I only wish I made $7/hr. . . . than I could bring in over $300. As it is I make about $5.50/hr total give or take a few pennies. Not bad money, I guess considering I get to be home w/my toddler & it's not like I am complaining. I LOVE what I do, I have a four year degree so I could probably easily get a good job & maybe will do that when my youngest reaches school-age. But to me it's more important to be home with my kids. Some providers certainly do make good $$$ doing care but that should not be a determining factor in whether they get a paid holiday or not.
I just thought it was a bad example to use why daycare providers should get paid for holidays. I think that if a child is usually in care the day of the holiday, then the daycare provider should get the day off paid!!

It's just like a lot of at home have to balance everything out to make it work. People usually don't understand what it takes to run a business...for example, I'm starting to photograph weddings and I hear a lot of people complain about how expensive it is to hire a wedding photographer. They don't understand because they only see the photographer there for about 6 -8 hours, but it usually takes on average 30 hours to complete a wedding. So should the photographer only get paid for the 6-8 hours? That's how photography businesses go out of business, they wouldn't even have enough money to cover expenses.
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