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Default Specific Question

There is no way I can read aaalll of the responses on here, but I've got a specific case that I'd like an opinion on from the providers. My mom did daycare out of her home for 20+ years as I was growing up so I am completely sympathetic to having benefits as a provider.

My son is now in daycare and I absolutely love where I send him. Unfortunately, I got the schedule for Oct 2010- August 2011 the other day when I picked him up and was a tad dismayed. There are a total of 17 days where the daycare will be closed in less than a year. I have absolutely zero problem with the daycare being paid for regular holidays such as Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day and Good Friday even. I even understand 2-3 teaching days for the teachers to have training. But this year they are taking Dec. 23, 24th, and the following Monday off for Christmas, and the same with New Year's Eve. Also, they are taking two full days off for Mardi Gras. We are in Louisiana but NOT in New Orleans so none of the surrounding businesses will be closed for Mardi Gras. They are also scheduling around 6 days of training this year. As I said earlier, I really truly have no problem with them getting paid holidays. But I do know for a fact that the women who are employed there are not being paid for all of the holidays they are closing. So when it comes down to the it, the daycare is making pure profit while I am forced to find other means. My husband and I typically can work something out with a family member because we are *lucky*. What do parents do who live in a city that they have no family? Am I wrong for thinking they are being excessive? I know I really don't mind them being closed and being paid for days that I am also off of work...but it gets to be very challenging when they are taking days off that most normal people do not have off of work.

If you do agree with me, how would I approach the daycare without offending? I am very, very happy with the services they provide, just wish I didn't feel as though the parents there are being taken advantage of.
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