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Todd McCullough
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Hi Jewels.
Its nice to see that there are providers out there, who understand that at the end of the day, they are still running a business. Who can value their customers.

A little bit more of what I was thinking earlier...

It irks me that there is an attitude prevalent among many providers, that they are doing a FAVOUR (Canadian spelling eh!) for me and the other parents.

However, it's a service and unfortunately you are going to get a lot of BAD customers that feel that they never get enough for what they pay for. Thems the breaks.

All I ask is that you don't take for granted those of us who appreciate what you're doing. (nights and weekends are plenty enough, though I would happily take more I never complain about my service, although it would be nice to get a weekly status report of what's happening in my little mans daily life.

Hell, I think its sad the girl who works for the day care and looks after my son, has to leave her 1 yr old to go and work looking after other peoples kids! You guys deserve compensation too.

So I get it. You deserve your cake and you should eat it too. Not everyone has cake though! My family's finances have been a roller coaster for the last year and half for example.

Anyways. The costs just add up when you're in a corner.
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