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Todd, it's so nice to see a fellow Canadian on these boards! There are a few of us, but it's always nice to meet another . I'm in Ontario too, near Barrie. I'm a home daycare provider, and I'm not licensed. You mentioned government help with daycare -- have you looked into subsidization? Licensed providers can accept subsidized clients, and from the rates I've seen for my county, they make more doing it than I do accepting un-subsidized clients. I'm pretty sure you do pay for stats with licensed providers, but a percentage of that would, of course, be covered.

On a personal note, I have 3 kids, and there's no way it makes financial sense for me to go to work AND pay for daycare (read: I wouldn't be able to pay the rates I charge). That's why I chose this line of work, and believe me, there's a huge demand for it around here. The bottom line may be something you and your wife may want to seriously consider in figuring out the whole daycare situation. If there's any way to split shifts or job share, it may be worth the consideration. Just my two cents, for what it's worth .
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