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I see both sides of this issue but one thing that gets me is like everyone said, the days around a holiday. This year xmas is on a sat. as well as new years, but my daycare is taking that Friday ( xmas eve and new years eve) and that Monday ( dec 27 and Jan 3rd) which most of us are working, especially those Mondays. SO why is this ok? Yes we all need vacations but at most jobs they don't close down so everyone can go on vacation. Why not split it up? ( some personel take off) And this excuse of you are holding a spot is only true if there is a waiting list for daycare. Been to daycare lately? Not overbooked like they used to in todays economy. You are paying for a service. Unfortunately they got you by the B@!!$ b/c if u like the place and they take good care of your child, it is not worth it. But writing that check out for Thanksgiving and xmas and new years kills me every year.
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