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Do me a favor - go to work for about a month, skip your lunch break and any of your other breaks. Work about 4 hours longer than you usually do every day. If there are any holidays, don't take them off. Don't speak to another adult during any of this time. Make sure that it's really loud in your workplace ALL the time. THEN see how you feel about your provider having off a couple of days around Christmas.
I would do that but I did not CHOOSE to do that line of work. I see all your points, I really do. But get mad at your boss, or your career choice, not me, who by the way is the customer and person who you depend on to pay daycare everyweek so you can get paid. And if you work 4 hours longer, and no lunches, and you don't get paid for it, then once again that is on you. No one is arguing take the holidays off, but taking advantage on OUR dime is the issue.
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