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Originally Posted by caring4kidsinSD View Post
Been waivering back and forth on my rate increase (haven't increased in 7 years since I started) and how I need to charge more but didn't really want to increase too much per each family. Somehow it got brought up last night when i was getting my hair done, she told me how much she pays for daycare and I was like really? WOW i'm way undercharging. I was at the high end of the scale when i started and now I"m at the bottom 7 years later.

So Yes I will be raising my rates! Decision made. Newly enrolled families get a higher initial rate. Currently families will only get a slight increase this year and another next year and the year after until the 2 match! She said You have to increase. I said but I don't want to lose families over $5 a week($10 to most families as I have lots of siblings) - She said - They aren't going to switch daycares - They won't be able to find a cheaper one!

That last statement totally put my mind as ease!

(And here I thought I was full because of the excellent care I provide - maybe it's because I'm so cheap!)
It's amazing what things a hair stylist hears! I'm surprized she didn't ask you if you had any openings!
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