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Hi - I have quite a few forms that I've used for my employee, and some things I've collected on the internet over the years. I put them together in a zip file & uploaded them for you so you can get them here:

The files are:
- An article by the California Child Care Law Center about employing an assistant - lots of great information there
- Form: Former Employee Info Release - have a potential employee sign this if you want to ask their former employer detailed questions about their work performance (since former employers are not supposed to answer all that without signed permission)
- Interview Questions for a Daycare Employee - a document I downloaded from somewhere a long time ago - I don't remember where!
- NAEYC Code of Ethics - it's in my handbook that employees must follow this code
- the rest of the forms are ones that I made and that I use
1. Annual Employee PDP and Review - professional development plan & review - the employee fills in their training over the last year, fills in their goals for the next year; then the employer fills in the review & there is a place for employee comments on the review, then both sign
2. Annual Employee Self-evaluation & Review - the employee fills in the PDP as above, then she fills in her OWN review & how she feels she can improve in each area; then the employer fills in her comments on each area & discusses w/employee. I like this format - it allows the employee to be honest w/herself about her weaknesses & she's not so defensive as in a traditional review
3. Job Application - there are 2 parts - you print page 1 of the Word doc, then print the PDF doc as pages 2, 3, and 4, then put page 2 and 3 as the last pages of the application.
4. Sample Job Description
5. Annual Evaluation - a short one
6. Another annual evaluation - kind of like the one in #1 above but without the PDP

I hope this all makes sense and is useful

- Insha in OKC
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