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Originally Posted by Cat Herder View Post
This was my thought as rage is something very different from tantrums. The running AT you is a bad indicator IME.
I am thinking something along the lines of ASD. As the only other child I have had with that much unfounded rage was my own child with ASD.
Other indicators-
very sensory avoidant, he even gets upset when other children finger paint. Substitute made the mistake of asking is he wanted to paint and he lost his mind for about 15 minutes, then walked away like nothing just happened.
eats 5-6 foods
lack of eye contact
lack of back and forth communication, his speech is delayed, he does talk some, but AT toys/people, not TO.
no pointing things out to anyone, looking back for reassurance, etc
the 'tantrums'
He does this unusual little 'dance' when excited. Same 'dance' every time.
he tip toe walks, motor development is delayed
he has zero idea of his own safety. Walks off play equipment
he's a runner

'tantrum' was lack of a better word. This isn't an emotional meltdown, it's a complete TEMPER/fit. He loses it over everything.
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