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I just let my parents know, actually having that issue this week also, My daughter had a fever on sunday and was super crabby, I was just thinking maybe a cold, and her molars are coming in, but then monday she was screaming so bad during nap time, she made her self throw up, and I couldnt calm her, turns out she had a double ear infection, and hand foot and mouth virus, which is super contagious and painful, And today I believe she also has thrush, cause along with the white blisters in her mouth her tongue has turned all white and icky......I told all my parents, told them to google hand foot mouth, one parent kept there kid home today, but I'm closed thursday and friday so its already a short week. But all the others brought them, I wont close unless they have the flu or something really icky. But yes if there child gets it, with the fever and stuff, their child will need to be gone just when they have the fever, or if they are really unhappy. Some of these things can be contagious for a long time after symptoms dissapear, hand foot and mouth for instance says a child can still spread it for up to three weeks after all symptoms are gone, not closing for three weeks!!
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