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Christian_Mother, have you ever heard of We register our books on the site, label them with a unique id number and leave them in public places for other people to find. If we are lucky, the finder will go to the site and make a journal entry about where they found it and where they will leave it. It's a great way to empty your shelves and it is free and private.

I once had a book left in Texas go to LA, then to South America, Cuba, and it was last journaled in Canada. One of my books showed up 5 years after I released it.

We also trade books among ourselves and it's the best place ever to find recommendations for great books.

I've made lifelong friends there, and I am convinced that I could go almost anyplace in the world and find a BookCrosser to have dinner with me, show me around, or offer me a couch for the night.
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