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My local news did a story on this and asked the viewers if they ever used carseats or rock n plays for sleep. Out of 2500 responses, over 80% said they had or were currently using them.

In my opinion, the devices are not the problem. Any of them used appropriately and in moderation and with SUPERVISION, are not going to do any harm. Misuse and overuse by parents who follow the mentality of "it wont happen to me", (you know, because their baby is always an exception) are the reason these deaths occur. Lawsuits only validate the lack of responsibility we put on parents in regards to their childs safety. The amount of research and information about unsafe sleep is huge and right at the parents fingertips, but they choose to ignore until something happens and then they pass the blame to someone else. Grapes and hotdogs are well known to be major choking hazards, yet parents constantly give them to their children not cut up. Coffee is hot, but now we need a warning label to remind us not to spill it on ourselves. I wish parents would just err on the side of caution versus doing whatever is most convenient for them. God forbid we let a baby cry or they will get brain damage, which there is no evidence to support, but tossing them in a device to sleep is just fine, even though there is plenty of research to support how dangerous that can be. ok, off my soapbox now!
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