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Let me clarify...I do not want to change my operating hrs, and I dont want other parents to know what I did for this family, because I have a early drop policy where if they want to bring their child before 730, its a $5 fee and if its before 7, its considered overtime and its a $10 fee.

So with this new family I gave them a handbook with their hrs in it and said if they want early drop off before 630 its $5 and before 6 it is $10.

Then i made the late pick up fee for after 430 vs 530 for the other family.

My concern was I didnt want the new family thinking they had until 530 to get their child, when their contract was only till 4, and if they showed up at 445 because they stopped to get groceries, I wanted them to know they are late and there would be a fee, so I didnt want them to get 11 hrs of care for the same price the other family gets for 9.5.

I also didnt want them to know I was making an exception, but I want to be firm in other areas of my contract, and I also didnt want them to know I was desperate for another slot to be filled.
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