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Default Home Daycare business... And EXES ruining your life.

I am very close to being done with all of my setup, paperwork, and classes and will be able to start the process of inspection and licensing in a few months. I am very excited and have worked EXTREMELY hard for this. I have spent a lot of money getting everything I need; from all the classes, remodeling, furniture, materials, and toys (and so much more!) that if this were to go south I would legitimately be heartbroken... and pretty broke! One thing I have not factored in however, is the way that my husbands ex-girlfriend (child involved) will accept my business once she finds out - and she will find out (she cyber-stalks me, sadly). The thing about having an in home daycare is that it's not like other jobs. When you run your own business there will always be the possibility (especially with the world wide web) for someone to completely ruin your life and career. I could go in-depth about all of the horrible psychotic and harassing things that she had done, said, and put me through in the last few years - but you can easily get the picture that if there is a chance to hurt me, she always takes it. She is violent (has physically assaulted me once, AND my husband more times than I can count), bitter, unstable, narcissistic, daily drinks and does drugs, and is basically the definition of a hostile aggressive parent TO THE T. Thank god we have their 9 year old daughter for the school year this year and next, and because of this she's been pretty 'quiet' as of late. This lady is the epitome of nightmare

I tried launching two previous business ventures, each lasting only about 10 months or so (hmmm, I wonder why...). One was maintenance and contracting work related (which should have had absolutely no problem taking off) and had a few bites but nothing stable. In the short span that it existed, bad things kept getting posted all around regarding it. How? No clue. But as long as I have a phone number, it can be typed into google to find out what the latest thing we're trying to launch is. Even my name brings up my business related things. I just can't hide and still expect to get anywhere marketing wise when she's constantly trying to overthrow our attempts at making a living. She's quick about it all too, like she's constantly on top of ruining our lives lol

SO I guess my question is how other people handle slander and libel, marketing and privacy, and all other things related to keeping people like her from ruining your good name? Would LOVE to hear stories. Also regarding things parents have said and done that impacted your business, very interested. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

P.S. Wandering around reading hundreds of threads for the last few weeks, learned leaps and bounds, and already love you all

P.S.S. Sorry for other thread? PC went wacko, can't login now. Made new one *shrugs* at least this is only post I had :/
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