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Originally Posted by mrsp'slilpeeps View Post
MY husband books his 2 week holidays in the summer seperately, because he is not allowed to overlap with the other guys at work.

So I book my holidays the same as his.

I have one DC family that is going on their holidays at the end of July till the 2nd week of August.

They told me this a month ago. My hubby cant get those days off.
I have one week booked off mid july and one week off at the end of august.

They are mad that I cant take the same days off as them.

They dont have anyone too look after their kids that long.

So what am I supposed to do? Stay at home for them?

All of my other families are ok with my holidays.

What would you tell them?
"Hey Dcf sorry that you were unable to book off the same holidays as ME, maybe it will work out better next year."
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