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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Welcome to the virtual world. You've bought and created your first privately owned virtual property with an address! That's a big step, and you will advance in your knowledge and understanding of how to make it better and more marketable over time.

I like what I've seen so far but I am looking at it from my iPhone and the template will look different then from a desktop. I will check it out later and have more feedback.

I was excited back when I started my first website back in 1995 and have been ever since.

Just today a friend that I have known my whole life just put up her website. Years ago I registered her last name knowing that someday she would need it. She asked for it last year and created her new business on it and is branding the name. Check it out.
You can't hear the music from a cell phone....Love your friends page! Thanks for the response.
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