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Yes, I have. I have only termed 2 families in my 30 plus years.

One, I have no regrets. The other upsets me after 8 years.

I absolutely loved the mother, loved 2 of the kids, but liked the 3rd. The eldest starting making up lies. I termed with no notice - come get your kid, he's gone type of notice. I felt bad because I knew it was really a bad time for me to dump things on her, but I had to protect myself and my family.
THIS! I terminated a child the day of when he claimed I called him a ret@rd. The "funny" thing is he kept saying that word and how other adults in his life call him that. My husband, a police officer, actually said he thinks he was trying to put the word in my mouth. Like reverse psychology. Children like that are evil and I have no problem saying so. I'm hyper aware ever since in my area there was a teacher arrested for "raping" two girls. It was in the papers in my town. He killed himself. A few months later, it was made public that the girls later confessed they made it up because they were bored. Hell, there are videos on Youtube about how to lie and get teachers fired made by teens. Sometimes, I think we have to be the "boom". Too many children coast by on this bad behavior and claim "I don't know" or "No one ever told me". Then, when they end up a parent at 16 or in jail at 18, no one knows why.
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