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Originally Posted by daycarediva View Post

I have TWO who are enticed out the door DAILY with "what show do you want to watch?" or they wouldn't leave without throwing a fit. They NEVER ask for TV here, probably because it's NEVER an option, so...


I really loved the time I spent with my kids shopping. Yep it was hard the in/out carseats, esp in bad weather, and there were days I just left them with dad/grandma, but for the most part- they came with me. This was before screens were so common place. They had their own little grocery lists of things to remember to get, could pick out ANYTHING in the produce department if they were good, and the conversations. We need X number of bananas, look at the man stocking the shelves way up high, etc etc. And of course, the tasting kiosks. That was my ds's favorite.
Our local stores used to have small shopping carts for mini helpers. Can't remember the last time I saw a child 'shopping' with their own cart and mom or dad. I took my own kids everywhere with me. Every public place was a lesson waiting to be learned. If they didn't behave we just left. It's not rocket science!!
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