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Originally Posted by Jamie View Post
Yes, I definitely agree that kids have too much screen time, and I cringe when parents are proud that their LO can do an ipad puzzle, start a movie etc.

However - I don't think screen time is a problem as long as it is balanced out. I have a DCB who loves TV, but he doesn't ask for it, he is happy when TV is on and happy when it is turned off, he wants to see my phone,but doesn't care when I say no. Screens are nothing more or less to him than all other toys, books and pastimes, just as I think it should be.

The baby in the video... They're giving him/her a toy that lights up and is fun, and then immidiately taking it away again even though s/he tries to hold on to it?? How did you expect him/her to react? I have had babies react the same way when someone takes their rattle/toy animal/block/anything they're holding on to...
the baby's hand manipulation of the phone isn't the same as it would be with a light up toy.

he's using his thumb and do the kneading of the fingers. This means he's had practice. He's not searching the toy to see where the light up buttons are. He's not shaking it to light it up. He's scrolling and pressing portions of the screen with his thumb not his pointer finger.

I'm not interested in the reaction from having something taken away. That's universal. I'm interested in this very young baby having experience with a tablet
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