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JennyBear 10:45 AM 01-18-2012
Originally Posted by youretooloud:
I've never heard of a pet bird making the kids sick. I've never heard of a pet bird causing any problems other than making a nonstop racket all day long. From what little information you are giving, I'd say you are overreacting. But, if you could give more details, I might agree with you. (picturing chickens on the kitchen table)

I love pets... I have had birds.... But, I don't think I ever want any more birds because I can't stand the noise.

Some of kid's fondest childhood memories are the pets they had lots of contact with. <---this is a bird I'd love to know (but not in my house) I'd totally invite him to my party though.

LMAO Oh this is great! Totally made my day!