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NiciMeyers84 01:51 PM 02-16-2012
Originally Posted by itlw8:
If your provider is licensed go online and read your states childcare regulations

In Missouri licensed providers may not have birds or reptiles in area where the children can come into contact with the pets. Salmanella is a big problem with both and you MUST wash well after handleing either one.

As a parent you need to be proactive for the safety of your child. I would suggest moving your child since it bothers you. But if it is not in the regulations she is not breaking any laws.
I agree, if you're having doubts about your child's health and safety, maybe it's time you considered moving them to a new daycare. I don't think it's bad for a child to have positive interactions with birds every now and then, but everyday, especially where they play, is too much exposure.