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Unregistered 06:28 AM 04-09-2012
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My daycare provider recently got a pet bird which is allowed to roam freely where the children play. Isn't this unsanitary and against the rules? What should I do and say?
My children have been nonstop sick ever since. Please advise.
My child's sitter got a bird about 8 months ago. My husband wanted us to find a new sitter at that point because birds carry many different types of bacteria that are harmful to young, old and immunocompromised poeple. I didn't think much of it, but my daughter gets sick with what seemed like a cold w/ fever every 2-3 weeks. After discussing it with her pediatrician, he ran some tests and it turns out she had histoplasmosis which is transmitted through bird droppings. It's a fungal infections that infects the lungs.

My sitter does not allow the bird to roam freely in the house, that I know of... either way, the birds big, nasty, cage is right in the center of where she spends most of her day. The sitter allows my child to touch the cage and stand close to see the bird. When my child rubs her eyes, nose, or has a snack she then gets this fungus in her lungs...eeew!

I have stopped taking my child to the sitter and she hasn't been sick since.