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Blackcat31 08:56 AM 01-01-2015
Originally Posted by Silly Songs:
Thank you center parents . Three different families brought their child to daycare sick . That was Tuesday. On Wednesday , another child came to my class with the runniest nose I have ever see . That makes 4 out of 16 . Now I'm sick . We do not get paid when we are out sick . I'm also not the only teacher who is going through this ! The baby room had 2 sick babies come this week . Preschool ( 4 year olds ) had 5 children come sick . Why ? Why ? Half of the parents of the sick children are not working this week !! So thank you , parents of the sick kids . 3 teachers are now sick . We don't get paid and we don't have great insurance. But I'm glad you were as to clean up your living room/garage, visit your friend and whatever else you did while your sick child was with us .
Instead of thanking parents for "sharing" their family's illness with everyone, I'd be "thanking" your director for allowing it.

This kind if thing is often blamed on parents but in reality, the responsibility falls to the policy enforcers.

I'm sorry you are sick and do hope you feel better soon!
This is a tough time of the year for illnesses.