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Blackcat31 01:28 PM 01-10-2018
Originally Posted by CityGarden:
What do you use for accounting / invoicing parents?
I don't invoice as client fees are the same 52 weeks a year so I don't need to invoice different amounts.
Parents know what they owe.

Everyone pays weekly through their bank apps so they send money directly to my bank account. No worries over closed days or holidays. Each bank is different but all (atleast here) banks have some sort of e-pay/on-line payment option for paying bills.

Every Friday I just get a notice that X family has paid me and the money has posted to my account and is available immediately.

When I need to print out a statement of payment for the year, I can just log onto my banking app and pick that family and it will sort all payments from them onto one "report". Easy peasy.