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MarinaVanessa 04:11 PM 01-10-2018
I ordered the calendar keeper by Red Leaf Press and will go back to analog record keeping. I'm tired of KidKare. It does nothing that I liked about Minute Menu so I quit.

Clients that bank at my bank can sign up for the payment feature. I don't know how it works if they don't bank with my bank. BC do you have clients that pay through their bank if it's different than yours? I'm curious to know how that works. I like that my bank doesn't charge me if someone sends me money electronically but I've only ever tried it with people that bank at the same bank.

Others pay me through my Square card reader. It takes less time for the money to get deposited into my account vs KidKare so that's a plus. There are fees but it's the same pretty much as PayPal so I just eat the cost and write it off at the end of the year. I can invoice them using the app and can enter their payment even if they give me cash and it will keep track of invoices. I may just use Square to invoice to be able to invoice them and keep track of payments.

Before Square I used PayPal (they have a card reader too), now they have Friends and Family and there is no charge to send or receive money that way. I have a debit card though, if I didn't I wouldn't use PayPal. Waiting for days for my money to transfer into my bank would stick and you have to do it manually but the card is nice because I'd use it at stores for purchases.