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Blackcat31 06:39 AM 01-11-2018
Originally Posted by MarinaVanessa:

BC do you have clients that pay through their bank if it's different than yours? I'm curious to know how that works. I like that my bank doesn't charge me if someone sends me money electronically but I've only ever tried it with people that bank at the same bank.
Yes, ALL area banks offer some sort of e-pay or online bill pay features.

My parents bank at Wells Fargo, US Bank, TCF, Bank of America and a few banks that I think are more local ? (Affinity Plus Credit Union, State Bank, American Bank) but so far I haven't had any parents tell me they don't have the option to pay via this method.

NONE of them are charged (nor am I) for any of these transactions either.

I think you can use this link to see if your bank offers this feature