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Abigail 10:50 PM 01-30-2011
I just sat down to read the book I got FREE from for child care. It's called the Two Bite Club and it is very easy to understand for preschoolers. (39 pages with activities at the end of the book and "Two Bite Club Member Certificate...but it is literally on the last page of the reading so I would photocopy it instead of tearing it out!) Most pages have about 3-5 sentences so it's not too short, but only takes a few minutes to read it too.

It goes through all the food groups. It's a family of cats and the little girl says she will not like any new foods and ends up liking all of them. This will definitely be a great book to read for nutrition week and for all those picky eaters like me! You can order up to 6 copies from the website and they deliver for free. I'm tempted to order 6, since I only ordered 1 to see what it was like, and keep them for when I have a nutrition week and send them home as "gifts" to the families I have at the time. Do you think it might make a good Christmas gift or should I do it for nutrition week as a nice gesture?

1. Click on Link.
2. Click on "Online Ordering" tab along top center of page.
3. Click on "Child Care" and scroll down to type in quantity for the Two Bite Club.