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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I didn't post that to be hateful. I just wanted to share that I too have a problem with my 6 year old and napping at daycare. She is still there because she has been there since she was 1 and it is a very special place for her. The provider asked that she stay even when school started. I have looked into before & after school care and summer care for her. It will be a sad day for all of us when we have to move her.
I wasn't replying with anything but sincerity... Apologies if it came across as hateful in anyway.....that was certainly not my intent.

My post was made in response to what you shared...

If YOUR child is having sleep issues because of a promise (being allowed to skip nap) then the problem is that she has outgrown her care environment and the solution is to move her to a more age appropriate place.... the problem has NOTHING to do with what the provider does as part of HER daily routine (including requiring ALL her daycare kids to nap).

Whether she (and you) love her provider is a moot point as it plays no role in what SHE needs and she needs to have an environment that meets her needs and the current one is not doing that.

I'm sure leaving her provider will be hard but it's a natural progression of life...she'll probably miss her Kindergarten teacher too...kwim?

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