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Default Ok, what time should a teenager go to bed?

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So, when your kid is at daycare, he sleeps for a 2 hour nap and then goes to bed at 10 pm and gets 8 hours of sleep. So 10 hours of sleep in a day. And when you have him on the weekend, he goes to bed at 8 pm, or 2 hours earlier, which is the same amount of time as he would get in a nap. I am sure he may get to sleep in later on the weekends, but what this tells me is that he actually needs MORE sleep, not less, especially if he sleeps in on the weekends. At 4 years old, I still think getting 12 hours or more is very beneficial, whether that includes naps depends on your daycare or childcare situation. And it is very rude to call people brainiacs in such a negative way. Would you say that to your doctor? Because many of the people on this board have 30+ years in childcare, so you should take their advice and maybe they can help you with your situation. Until then, enjoy the extra 2 hours with your son and let him do his sleeping at daycare, so he can spend time with you when he is awake at home. It doesn't even get dark in my are until almost 11 in the summers, so we use the extra time to hang out and have campfires and watch fire flies. Enjoy it! Don't be frustrated with getting more time with your son!
As a teenager I think my bedtime was 10pm. Putting a 3 or 4 year old to bed at 10pm is ludicrous.
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