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I agree 100% with BC and dcdiva!! When we started our family, we made choices that were best for the FAMILY, including our children. We were never well off enough to afford luxurious vacations, 2 cars, all the latest doodads, manis/pedis, etc., etc. But one of us wanted to always be the one with our own kids......enter me doing dc. Good grief, childhood is but a brief brush of time in a child's life; parents should do what they can to spend some if not most of it with them. Soon that child will be in K, then middle school and we all know we're nothing more than an embarrassing zit in their life by that time. Soon you're watching them graduate from college, if you're extremely lucky, and then they move 3000 miles away, if you're not.
A child is a gift. If you choose to send them to a dc, every parent should do their utmost best to show that overworked/underpaid provider just how special and appreciated they are!! How much they respect what their provider does, day in/day out. It's a thankless job, exhausting, pays little and providers spend a lot on other people's kids. It takes time and attention away from their own kids because a provider's child has to share said provider, home, energy, and by the time the day is done, that provider is darn lucky to have enough energy left for her own family. Why does a parent quibble over having to pay for a day off? You should be grateful you have an awesome provider!! If one of my dcfs ever gave me heat like some of these ungrateful parents have, they'd get their 2 weeks asap.
This really angers me. Some of these parents and the way they feel like their providers are such a dispensable commodity in their child's life. MY LIFE MY CAREER. Ya know what?? Once you CHOOSE to have a child, YOUR LIFE is shared with a totally dependent little being who you are supposed to love and protect with all your heart. Any mature person KNOWS having a baby will change you, change the family unit, change your priorities(Or it should!) Those MEMEME moments you've been enjoying kidless??? You won't get to enjoy them wholeheartedly again until they move away. Then you better hope they don't move 3000 miles away because you'll never ever get these young years back again.
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