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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
You are going to college for an education and a degree to get a job, high/middle school makes up the days they take off... you are paying daycare more than most in state colleges to watch your child so yes yes I do expect that I get my money’s worth like the above mentioned items you idiot
You're rude. Having a problem making snow day memories with your child? Or just feeling guilty making life all about you or work instead?
Getting your money's worth. Gotta love that mindset. I can see how that would be the most important thing in a person's life. To he!! with the children, huh? Lemme guess, you also take off every vacation day for just you, right? Get your nails done, go to the beach, go shopping, leave child in dc. So you can be a better parent?? A better parent to do what? Send them to dc? These children are CRYING and SCREAMING for attention!! And we wonder why children seem to have more issues in present day than years ago. This is why I chose childcare, to be home with my own kids. It's such a short time in their lives, like a drop in the bucket, but means so much towards their emotional growth, feelings of security, being loved and part of a strong family unit. Like they matter to someone most of all. That's all most children need. Someone's undivided attention, acceptance, someone who truly wants to be with them just to play blocks, get down on the floor and BE with them, read stories. All of this shines through to your child/ren. Makes them feel wanted and loved OR unwanted and merely tolerated.
Quality time does NOT mean throwing them in front of the tv when you're home, or keeping them in dc longer than absolutely needed, or smacking a video in front of their face while driving anywhere, or making FB more important than listening to what you child is saying.
Unreg., maybe you're not one of those parents...I have no clue. BUT there are so many(TOO MANY) who are like that that it's terribly sad and leaves many children with no place they really feel secure and loved.
SMH at parents who have this mindset of getting their last dollars worth.
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