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Originally Posted by mamamanda View Post
She is my husband's mom. The child is my sister's so they are not really related. My children call her Mimi in place of grandma b/c that is what she's requested. She felt grandma sounded too old.

I typically call her Mimi as well. So do some of her other friends. Kind of a term of endearment I guess.

I don't have a problem with the parents teaching the child to address an adult as Miss first name. I do have a problem with them expecting me to change what both my children & I call her.
I don't tell the child to call her Mimi, but he hears every other person refer to her that way so I don't think he is processing her as Miss____ as they keep telling him. He is only 2.
I think hes being disrespectful expecting you to change how you and your kids refer to her, I am old fashioned and I feel that an adult should have a title before their name, BUT Mimi is a term of endearment and how she wants to be called. Its not like kids say mrs.grandma so why should it be miss Mimi??

Plus The kid is TWO. Its not like hes old enough to understand
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