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My4SunshineGirlsNY 07:30 PM 12-30-2010
Originally Posted by nikia:
Did you get the robi comb online? Does it detect eggs to or just hatched ones?
I got the Robi comb at Rite is also sold at Walgreens. Not sure if Walmart sells them but it's possible...they run $29.99 and you can treat the whole family with the same comb, it is very simple to clean.

Unfortunetely it doesn't kill/rid the eggs that's why I'm still nervous for my daughter as I found that one that the Robi comb detected, but you are supposed to use the Robi comb every day for 12 days so you can kill any newly hatched lice before the reproduce again. They can't reproduce until they are 7-10 days hatched so according to the directions of the comb if you use it every day for 12 days, the cycle will be broken and you get rid of the lice chemical free.

And it obviously works because it found one, very teeny tiny one on my daughter. I combed her hair about 7 times thouroughly. I plan on using it daily even if I don't find any more for a while until I make certain there is no chance we have it.