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QualiTcare 11:02 PM 12-30-2010
lice is embarrassing for a kid who's old enough to know what it is. i got it in kindergarten and i cried when i got sent home. i caught it from a classmate and my teacher comforted me and i know (now) that she knew it wasn't because i was "dirty" but still - it was embarrassing.

parents are more in denial than kids though - obviously. i don't know why. lice doesn't know social status or cleanliness. anyone can get it. i got it again when i was in 4th or 5th grade and i remember having to cry/throw a FIT and MAKE my mom go get me some medicine. she kept telling me i didn't have it and i KNEW i did cus i pulled a bug out with my own friggin fingers (and eggs which "snap" when you squish them)! it's still crazy to me - i haven't though much about it til now, but i remember being in the bathroom where i was looking in the mirror and telling my mom i had it! it's like she thought i couldn't because she was so clean and her daughter couldn't possibly....

it's crazy.