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My only suggestion is to document everything. EVERYTHING! When the child arrives do an exam of the child and jot it down - whether you found anything or not. If you find something take a photo. Just before the child leaves each day make an inspection jotting down each and every scratch or pimple. Also might be a good idea to contact your licensing rep and discuss the situation with her, just so she is on board and has your back.

Good luck. I always document with new parents daily for the first few weeks and then on occasion if I deem necessary. I feel it has saved unnecessary grief a couple of times. One time all I did was hand the papers to an inspector to read, answer a couple of questions and she was on her way. The parent accused me of giving her child Benadryl to make her nap because she was still asleep when she picked up at 5pm. Our nap is from 2-4p so she slept 3 hours. She was 2.5yrs and it was her first week of getting up at 6am to come to daycare.
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