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Default New DCG Yells In Babies Faces

So we had a pretty mellow group until my part time (friday only) day care girl started coming here every day (2 days ago). She came on Fridays when there was only 1 baby and 2 older kids. She never had a big problem with toddler aggression or anything until this week when she is attending regular days and I now have 3 babies (11 mo, 10 mo, 15 mo) 3 yr old + dcg 23 months. She seems to find the smaller babies 10 mo and 11 mo and runs up to them, screams in there face and takes their toys. She makes them cry every time because they are scared. She seems to be all of a sudden very possessive and wants to take everyone's toys. She is also making a fist and touching them like she would hit them but she has not actually done that. She then tried to shut the pretend fridge door on the 10 mo old and was squishing her in there.

Wondering why the sudden change of behavior and how I should respond.
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