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This ^^

My response would be VERY FIRM and swift each and every time.

I would separate her from the group and give ALL my attention to the baby she frightened before tending to her.

I want her to see and feel that what she is doing is NOT okay and that it will NOT be tolerated as acceptable behavior.

If she does it more than once, she would be come my shadow for the remainder of the day.

Rinse and repeat.

Just make sure your response is firm enough and stern enough to drive the point home to her that she is NOT to be aggressive, physically or verbally towards the babies or she will be immediately removed from the group/play area. If necessary, she'd go straight to rest/nap time.

Anything to remove her from the babies for their safety.

IME, the firmer and swifter you are with addressing this behavior the faster she will learn that it is unacceptable.
Been doing all morning. Worked ok. Nap time now. We'll see. She doesn't come until 11 so only had an hour to test it out. Working much better so far. She does seem to get it more when she is removed and I agree not to tend to her first. She will get the attention she wants that way.
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