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Dcb comes in all sweet looking and smiley this a.m. As soon as his mom walks out the door, he's in full attack mode to the 2 1/2 yo dcg and has been nonstop eversince. Then when 1 yo dcb arrives later this a.m., I'm hovering literally right over LO, 2 yo dcb tries to take his toy away right off the bat so I scoop up 1 yo and 2 yo kicks him.

I have never ever had a 2 yo battling the terrible twos as bad as this guy is. He's constantly angry. I'm constantly frustrated and disheartened and always placing him separate from the other 2 dcks. I've only got 3 ATM,you'd think I could handle it!! Honestly, I haven't been able to turn my back for a second. Not one.
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