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Janarae, I also had a client pull that with me and I gave out a letter stating that I had agreed to the current rate with the understanding that the child would only be here before school. I usually charge clients my part time fee regardless of what hours they are here if it falls between 1-20 hours a week, but because this kid would only be here in the am and not in the pm or n non school days I only charged $15 a week, however she started coming (at first it was only suppose to be that week,uh-huh)after school. When it became all the time I started charging $30 a week, still not alot but her schedule doesn't interfer with other kids being enrolled. Write them up a letter now stating that as of jan 1st they will be paying your normal part time fee or whatever you want, but I would say something, I also make parents give me in writing if they need to change their schedule and they have to ask not just assume that I will be available or will want to change the original contract.
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