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I am in TX. My former center were as follows:

0-3 years $125 per week (515 per month)

3 years and up $115 per week (500 per month)

Afterschoolers (PM only-did not have an AM run) $90 per week ( no month rate)

When the AS kids were here for vacations etc...they would be charged the 3 years and up rate.

We did offer a discount rate of $5.00 per child additional child. However the children must be siblings, not from the same family (ie cousins, etc)

It didn't matter if the child was potty trained or not, once they child turned 3, the rate would drop.

We also had a late fee of $5 dollars for the first 5 mins. (so if the parent was 3 mins late it was 5 dollars) and then $1 each additional min., per child. Since I opened I would have been willing to offer an early drop off fee but then I decided against it because I didn't want to start something like that. Also, we were only licensed for care from 630-630 and that is what I would tell parents when they asked.
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