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Originally Posted by mac60 View Post
Small town in NW Ohio

5 days 1 child $80 to $85
5 days 2 children $135
4 days 1 child $70
4 days 2 children $120
3 days 1 child $55
3 days 2 children $90

3 day minimum.

School age b/a school $35 Add $10 per day if no school

Our rates suck here. People expect sibling discounts, and it kills me. I supply everything at this rate and the rates definately don't relect the amount my expenses have went up in the past 2 years.

Honestly, I need to get a new rate sheet, cut back on the sibling discounts, and pay myself better. I do charge whether they are here or not, including sick days, holidays, vacations. But my vacation is no charge.
Hey! I grew up in that part of the state (Wauseon area). . . not sure where you are at. but yes, it's too bad your rates can't higher. I am in west-central Ohio now & my rates are only slightly higher except for the b & a school care.
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