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Default I'm Still A Baby.

Hi my name is Julia and i'm only 16 but i really want to have my own daycare when im older. I only want to care for children ages 2-5 (maybe infants) and as i grow bigger i would take in ages 6-8. I have a lot of questions that need to be answered:

-How much do i charge for full time? Part time?
-How does the average day go?
-What kind of activities do you do for the children?
-Do you have to do any kind of schooling?
*if so, How long? What classes?
-What is the greatest amount of kids one person can take in?
-How much do you make a year?
-Are you able to charge them extra for providing food?
-How long did it take for your business to get started?
-What are the in-home requirements?
-How do you spread the word about your new daycare?
-What is the best state to live in to start this business?

Please help and answer as much as you can.
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