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-How much do i charge for full time? Part time?
That depends on a lot of things such as what state, city and part of a city you are living in. Will your business be located in a low, middle or upper class neighborhood? What type of services will you provide? Will your daycare be in high demand? Will you offer a curiculum? Melas? Field trips? etc. There are so many variables to consider so this is not a question easily answered.

-How does the average day go?
Well that depends on what type of a program you choose to provide. Typically most programs consist of 2 main meals (breakfast and lunch) and 2 snacks (morning and evening) and a nap time. During the time in between you can schedule activities, walks and outings and both indoor and outdoor free play. The type of schedule you choose is based on what you want to do with the kids.

-What kind of activities do you do for the children?
Paint, color, draw, read, sing, etc.

-Do you have to do any kind of schooling?
*if so, How long? What classes?

In my state (CA) we are not required to have any formal type of schooling to become a licensed child care home however it's to your advantage if you take at least some courses in child development. We are however required to be current in CPR, first aid and preventative health and safety paractices. This costs about $100-$150 and is a weekend course every 2 years for me given by the American Red Cross.

-What is the greatest amount of kids one person can take in?
hat depend on the type of license you have and your states regulations. In CA a small family childcare home can have 6 kids (8 if 2 of them are in Kinder and 1st grade or older). A large family childcare license allows you to have 12 kids (14 if 2 of them are in kinder or 1st grade or older) and if you have an assistant. If you only care for family members in my state you can care for as many as you want to and not have to be licensed. If you are unlicensed you can only care for 1 families children but as long as they are all siblings you don't have a max cap.

-How much do you make a year?
I currently regularly care for 5 daycare children and my own 2 kids. I average about $40,000 a year including drop-ins.

-Are you able to charge them extra for providing food?
Yes, you can do whatever you choose to do. However it is common practice to include the cost of meals into your regular rates.

-How long did it take for your business to get started?
It took me a full 2 years before I was finally comfortable financially and didn't have to worry about a client leaving. I still made enough with the other children to cover for a lost child.

-What are the in-home requirements?
This varies from state to state and there are a lot of requirements. The best thing to do it to check with your local licensing office for these. Sometimes you can get this info online.

-How do you spread the word about your new daycare?
I do several things all at once. The home page of has a few of the ways that I advertise my daycare.
How to advertise your daycare

-What is the best state to live in to start this business?
This is a hard one as I don't know.
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