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I understand the parent's complaints about having to pay for child care when they are not using it, really I do. However, I also understand the providers' side of this.

As a provider who DOES charge for holidays, as well as a week of vacation and four floating holidays of my choice, I must say that in 16 years I have never been questioned about it. Here is why:

I provide a very high quality program, spending a significant amount of my "income" on my program, (MUCH more than I do on myself or family)

I work 12+ hours per day (up at 5:00, working in the playroom preparing for the days activities and cleaning the restrooms, mopping floors, etc. by 5:30, open doors at 7:00-sometimes earlier if needed - for FREE- work until 5:30-6:00-sometimes later if needed-for free - then clean up and shut down until 6:30-7:00) I don't get paid overtime.

I NEVER take a sick day, (really, 3 in 16 years and those were major emergencies)

I provde mildly ill child care - so if your child has a virus that most providers would require her to stay home for AND charge you for it, they can stay with me so you don't miss work (this is provided in another area, away from well children)

I offer alot of "extras" for my families, such as I do not charge late fees if a parent calls and says they are running a little late to pick up (who works late without getting paid for it? Providers do) open early if needed, plan weekend outings with families that I pay for, etc.

I charge less than the average rate for my area and do not charge more for infants just because they are infants.

I spend upwards of 600+ hours per year participating in training and school so that I can be the BEST provider for your children....time taken away from my own family and money as well, because no one else pays for my education. Many of my Saturdays and Sundays (two weekends per month) I am in school from 9-5

I am very active in the child care community, advocate for parents and children and provide resources for my families that they otherwise would not know about.

I am SUPER parents KNOW that if they are scheduled to be here, I will, without fail, be here and be READY for their children.

I could go on and on and on.....but my point is MANY (and I dare say most here) do all of the same things I do, and we do it with a SMILE, because we love your children and we love our work. All we ask for in return is a little respect, a timely "paycheck" and a few measley holidays off to spend with our own families.

I am very privileged to have the families I have. They VALUE having me as their provider, and the HAPPILY pay me for extra days off AND give me GREAT Holiday Bonuses as well! If they treated me with the disdain that some of the parents here have expressed, well, they'd be losing out on a great thing, because I would absolutley REFUSE to work with a parent who did not value my work with their children enough to pay for a few holiday closures.
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