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i agree with amanda.....please do not use a stop watch!!!!

i worked in a center where they were sooooo structured, the kids were always missing out on teachable moments. 10:25.....oops, not done with your art? oh well, i have to take it away cause its dance time....12:30 and not done eating? oh well, get on your mat its time to was horrible!!!!

here is my summer schedule for right now when the school agers are here, but it is very flexible.

upon play
8:00 i start breakfast...most show up between 8 and 9, so breakfast is a bit spread out, we kinda eat in
9:00 morning meeting (the SA dont like to call it circle time...too
9:15 diapers and sunscreen
9:30 outside FOR 1 1/2-2 HOURS....they love it. i bring all the centers outside, on top of having regular outdoor play.
11:15-ish we come in and they free play while i do diapers again and get lunch ready.
12:00 lunch
1:00 nap or quiet time for the SA
2:30/3-ish diapers, snack and sunscreen
3:30 we're back outside until most are picked up.
4:45/5-ish i only have 2 left, so we come in and they free play while i tidy up for the night.
5:30 closing time
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